It was around noon that Midek-chan, a cute loli wearing a white gown and sunhat, disembarked from the school bus and made her way homewards. In her hands she held an aisu-kurimu which, slowly melting in the hot sun, dripped on her hand. With the sudden cold startling her, she snapped out of her daydream and saw a cute neko which meowed at her. Being a cute innocent loli, she followed it behind some houses until she found herself in a dark alley. “Well, well, what do we have here?!”, a raspy voice said, and something grabbed her from behind. It was a fat, dirty rat-faced bastard. The loli screamed for help, but he put his sweaty, reeking hand over her face. Gagging from the stench, she ceased screaming for a moment, before hurling all over the assailant's hand. The hairy man licked his fingers in delight before pulling the loli closer in order to lick her mouth clean as well. The noxious fumes coming from his rotten yellow and black teeth made her pass out. When Midek came to her senses, she found herself smothered by the bulk of the fat man. He had stripped her and now he rubbed his hairy, unwashed body over hers. She started crying and he licked her tears, and then the armpits, going lower and lower, until he made her wince. “Please, not there!”, she pleaded, but he wouldn't listen. He continued licking her despite her protests until a hot stream of pee left the lolis body unintentionally. The rat-man reveled in it and tried to drink it all, rubbing his crotch. The whole scene made him so hard. He put the whole 1.2 inches of his rathood near her face demanding that she “gave it a kiss”. She retched and turned aside, showing her petite brown hole. The Rat jumped at it and started to lick like a madman. “B-but I poop from there!”, Midek yelled, all shocked and perplexed. “Yes, yes. Shit in my mouth! Do it now! Quickly!”, the rat-man commanded and sat her up on his face. He urged her, but with his long reptilian tongue burrowing inside her, she couldn't comply. The fat, greasy bastard got impatient. He was as hard as a canon, and as eager to let loose. He turned her around and forced her head down to his crotch. She gasped and gaged, and just as she retched once more, the rat-man's goo exploded into her throat. Barf and semen dripped from Midek's mouth as she lay limp on the floor... “What the fuck? Am I dead now?”, asked Midek, a fat, greasy man with a ponytail, standing up from the table where he played Dungeons and Maidens with his friend Rat. “Shuddup faggot. It's my story this time.”, the other said. “Oh, I'll show you who's a faggot!”, Midek said, picking up his katana and putting on his red fedora. Rat just smiled and pulled a plastic lightsaber from his trenchcoat. “En garde!” They quoted several anime scenes as they pretended to do battle, but quickly enough – both being fat and ugly incels -they ran out of steam. They sat on a dirty cheeto-stained sofa and started taking off their sweaty clothes. Rat put on a loli hentai and they started masturbating. First each their own, and then they crossed hands. One thing led to another, and they started orally pleasuring each other until Rat farted. Midek turned him around and started licking his hairy, sweaty, smelly anus. Rat moaned with pleasure as Midek started penetrating him, and they took turns on each other throughout the night. In the morning they said their farewells, and quickly logged back into Matrix, lest they missed a racist meme or an opportunity to bully someone. As is their usual, they continued to be homophobic and misogynist towards anyone and everyone, until it was time again for their weekly hangout.