chronicles of diarrhea

Today I had three times my moment. Seriously I'm not making this up. A regular meal, although a bit excessive. it doesn't justifying going to the shitter THREE times. Oh well thou gotta do what thou gotta do. I skipped blogging the second because oh well that could happen but the third means that a blog needs to be written. Nothing special intake, three meals like recommended. Didn't feel like eating snacks after the last meal which is unsual. Hopefully tomorrow isn't as turbulence because its exhausting. Lol peace out

Not diarrhea this time but worthy nonetheless. I obviously didn't had enough fluids today meaning it was quite a squeeze and dropped two little snakes. According to some monkey in the new republic it means 'movement and change' in Chinese. Oh well that might actually be true and its not my bowels moving. Feeling better overall. Clean flush, not so bad. Shit you not.

After hours of slowly letting go pressure of the day a big shit was laid upon the throne. It was little squeeze yet little bits of what was first ingested. The deliverable required multiple flushes and manual cleaning of both the throne and myself. Many weight was transferred and the relief was great.

A moment of poop. Let's take a moment. Face it, not literally please. There is a reason it has toxic fumes. Don't eat it or apply it to yourself or your sexual partner(s). Unless you are into that, that's all up or down to you. Anyway back to let's take a moment. Isn't it amazing how we have to separate ourselves from the busy life. Temporary lockdown just you and your bowels. We even lock our doors in most societies or take some bushes a bit away from where we eat. Disturbing someone during this process is highly funny and awkward. At some time in life unless you shit yourself earlier to death this is reversed and someone will need to help wipe ass. A moment of poop together.

Ok my previous post was a bit shit. As the writer of these chronicles i don't want to write from a mighty porcelain throne but rather share the amazing experience that all those who can solve captcha can relate to. Many shitheads keep on going about their cooking and how delicious their meals we're made. Of course that is of great importance of the final end production that we deliver to the magical hole that either accepts or rejects it. Earlier I mentioned that only those who solve captcha participate in this cult yet we cannot forget the amazing animal kingdom that contributes to our loggings. Also a shoutout to midek who promptly delivered this shitty platform. I was like “give blog” and great release without any pressure. It's like being at someone's house and they acknowledge you ruining their bathroom. Thank you, I won't let you down piece of shits.