Howto install ubuntu 22.04 tutorial

hello friends, today we are going to be learning the installation guide for newest ubuntu 2204 working in 2022. so friends, lets begin. step 1 friends is to go to and downloading the windows install exe file. then you gonna want opened it and install. go to and download iso file my friends. once it is done, open the virtualbox program and click add button at top. create virtual machine, set your wanted drive and ram specifications and use the iso file. then go to at end increase vram and be mounting the iso file. once did the needful, you gonna go start machine to go install. click install button and choose drive. erase easy install we gonna do. pick timezone friends so for me its gonna be india and now we type user account. ok now friends we gonna being nearly done and we just gonna be wait for the final installations. now my friends remove iso disk mount reboot and finally we gonna be having full ubuntu system 2204 working 2022 if you enjoyed it then please let me know.. goodbye