AnySoftKeyboard Illustrations

  • Parses the whole post / article (text), acting as a proxy, providing a preview (some posts might not load because bot handles all the requests over Tor).

  • Converts YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram links to respective privacy focused front-ends.

  • Converts (several) clearnet site links to respective onion links (includes news media / publication / online services sites).

  • Rates linked services privacy / ToS friendliness (Grade A to F, according

The bot will place custom m.reaction (DM preview / DM alternative) on link containing message which will trigger (if clicked) the bot to send converted alternative links and requested articles (will include media elements soon) in a separate room. This achieves utmost efficiency and opens up potentials for more new features.

Available onion sites:

➤ Freedom of the Press Foundation, ➤ The New York Times, ➤ The BBC, ➤ ProPublica, ➤ Intercept, ➤, ➤ Facebook, ➤ PrivacyToolsIO, ➤ ProtonMail.

MXID of the bot:

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