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you have no idea how great our system is it genuinely holds up our economy our corruption system and these zoomers grow up on the internet where everything is sunshine and rainbows, you see and they become police officers and think that anything will be fixed if they reject bribes they don't do anything but harm the government workers wont stop asking me for bribes to let me build a house, right so them batting an eye to me would do more against corruption than fining me they're working with them by being so “righteous” but they don't see the big picture i either bribe the police 50 euro, or the office whores who sign this shit 500 euro it seems that day only comes after i get them fired which contributes more to corruption? the police will just use this to buy food but those higher ups, they'll use it to further bribe their superiors because their superiors know every single thing they did wrong and they're not going to not claim that free money they can extort out of them