This shit happened at 09:22

A prophecy descended upon me from the heavens during my pensive state on the porcelain bowl — I was fated to a long and arduous journey to thrust out a shit of mythical proportions. The shit barely advanced from my rectum as the clock ticked by, and the task looming ahead of me only appeared to grow more intimidating. For every step I took towards the completion of this colon cleansing, I felt as if the claws of the digestive system pulled me back two more steps.

The big part is gone yet I feel another turd sitting in my anus, the small yet strong sausage could not be pushed for my strength had been weakend by his bigger brother, my anus was weak and it was strong. I begin to lose my hope but suddenly I feel salvation, I could feel the massive nigger hastely charging at his little brother, taking him down along with himself. As this part leaves too, I try to secure the clean departure, instead I have closed my canal too fast, and I was now stuck with shit in my ass once more. I could imagine what is now in the toilet looked like a snake, but this had not kept me distracted from what I now had to do. Wiping was my only way out of this, I check if there is a lot by sweeping the above of my hole with paper, everything seems clear, and I decide to go in. I take it out and notice that my check had failed me, and I have just threw shit all over my anus.

As I throw the last paper on the floor, to avoid obstructing the shit, I take a look. I was saddened, my creation was ruined by dirty water, I could only see that it was big, as every other detail had now been blurred. I was sad and dissappointed