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from chronicles of diarrhea

A moment of poop. Let's take a moment. Face it, not literally please. There is a reason it has toxic fumes. Don't eat it or apply it to yourself or your sexual partner(s). Unless you are into that, that's all up or down to you. Anyway back to let's take a moment. Isn't it amazing how we have to separate ourselves from the busy life. Temporary lockdown just you and your bowels. We even lock our doors in most societies or take some bushes a bit away from where we eat. Disturbing someone during this process is highly funny and awkward. At some time in life unless you shit yourself earlier to death this is reversed and someone will need to help wipe ass. A moment of poop together.


from chronicles of diarrhea

Ok my previous post was a bit shit. As the writer of these chronicles i don't want to write from a mighty porcelain throne but rather share the amazing experience that all those who can solve captcha can relate to. Many shitheads keep on going about their cooking and how delicious their meals we're made. Of course that is of great importance of the final end production that we deliver to the magical hole that either accepts or rejects it. Earlier I mentioned that only those who solve captcha participate in this cult yet we cannot forget the amazing animal kingdom that contributes to our loggings. Also a shoutout to midek who promptly delivered this shitty platform. I was like “give blog” and great release without any pressure. It's like being at someone's house and they acknowledge you ruining their bathroom. Thank you, I won't let you down piece of shits.


from Rat's log log

This shit happened at 20:39

It was a rather quick one, came out clean with nothing left in my asscrack. It felt quite big at first, dare I say massive, and for a second I thought I would be posting a photo of it today. Sadly, for all of us, it turned out it was quite small, and I therefore had no reason to take a photo. Cracks were small although not absent, and it was a lighter shade of brown, yet not too light.

This shit should remind you that no matter how small it is, it can still feel massive so long you use it right.


from Rat's log log

This shit happened at 09:22

A prophecy descended upon me from the heavens during my pensive state on the porcelain bowl — I was fated to a long and arduous journey to thrust out a shit of mythical proportions. The shit barely advanced from my rectum as the clock ticked by, and the task looming ahead of me only appeared to grow more intimidating. For every step I took towards the completion of this colon cleansing, I felt as if the claws of the digestive system pulled me back two more steps.

The big part is gone yet I feel another turd sitting in my anus, the small yet strong sausage could not be pushed for my strength had been weakend by his bigger brother, my anus was weak and it was strong. I begin to lose my hope but suddenly I feel salvation, I could feel the massive nigger hastely charging at his little brother, taking him down along with himself. As this part leaves too, I try to secure the clean departure, instead I have closed my canal too fast, and I was now stuck with shit in my ass once more. I could imagine what is now in the toilet looked like a snake, but this had not kept me distracted from what I now had to do. Wiping was my only way out of this, I check if there is a lot by sweeping the above of my hole with paper, everything seems clear, and I decide to go in. I take it out and notice that my check had failed me, and I have just threw shit all over my anus.

As I throw the last paper on the floor, to avoid obstructing the shit, I take a look. I was saddened, my creation was ruined by dirty water, I could only see that it was big, as every other detail had now been blurred. I was sad and dissappointed


from Rat's log log

This shit happened at 12:53, 10.02.2021

It was quite long, yet not very thick. The surface was light brown, with 1 major crack along with 2 smaller cracks. This turd also came with a smaller sister, it resembled a thicker worm, being extremely smooth, and having a length equal to 3 times it's thickness (although said thickness was less than a centimeter). The head of this turd however is what really made it stand out to me. The head looked broken, as if someone cut 3 small slits through it and then spread them out, it was quite beautiful. This was the weirdest head I have seen so far on a shit.


from Rat's log log

This shit happened today at 04.02.2021 01:33

It wasn't a particulary good one, but it was interesting. It went out clean and smooth, buttery, the paper was clean after the first wipe. I stood up to check it, and I felt somewhat proud. The bottom was thick with a crack in the middle, but the top was thin, overall it was short. It looked a lot like a dick with two balls. I liked this shit.


from Rat's log log

This shit has happened at 03:57, 29.01.2021

Very quickly after sitting down it started to come out and as the first part fell it was hastily followed by the smaller second part, none of which have felt particularly large, so I thought there'll be nothing to write about today, yet after wiping my now-warm asshole, standing up and looking back left me corrected once again. This was not the longest, but still the thickest shit I've ever seen, let alone took. It's grith exceeded what I thought my asshole was capable of, it was twice the size of my thumb, with a smooth, darker surface, containing close to no cracks.


from midek

Rofi comes with modi for your open windows, ssh connections, binaries in path, and desktop files.
There are also multiple projects that use Rofi as a general UI like rofi-pass.

All those nice features already make it super useful by default, but why not make your life even easier by adding more modi?

Since we can already search all ssh connections, it works nicely when you also add all the other connection types, such as VNC connections or even RDP connections that you make frequently.

A simple modi that lists files in a directory and executes them will look like this:

remote_files=$(ls -1 ~/remote/)

if [ "$@" ]
	coproc ( xterm -e ~/remote/"$@" > /dev/null 2>&1 )
	for remote_file_scripts in $remote_files
		echo "$remote_file_scripts"
exit 0

Add this to your rofi modi and combi in ~/.Xresources with:

rofi.modi: combi,run,window,drun,ssh,remote:~/.config/rofi/
rofi.combi-modi: window,run,ssh,remote

and put your VNC shell scripts in the ~/remote/ dir. My connection files usually look like this:

vncviewer -passwd <(vncpasswd -f <<<$(pass show devices/kvm-stahl | head -n1))

(yes, it takes passwords directly from pass, isn't it comfy?)

Now when you search your rofi combi, it will also show all the scripts from that directory.

Another thing i am doing, is tightly integrating rofi with my browser and bookmarks manager.
Fortunately, vimb stores all its browsing history in ~/.config/vimb/history so its as simple as cat'ing it out.
For bookmarks i use shiori in json mode to get the urls. I used to parse it with shiori print -j | jq '.[] .url' | tr -d '"' but turns out jq is slow as shit and its way better to just do some grepping and seding.

So, rofi script to integrate with a browser would look like this:

mybookmarks="$(shiori print -j  | grep '\"url\"' | tr -d '[:blank:]' | sed -e s/\"url\":\"/\/g -e s/\",//g)"

myhistory="$(tac ~/.config/"$BROWSER"/history | cut -f 1 | uniq)"

if [ "$@" ]
	coproc ( "$BROWSER" "$@" > /dev/null 2>&1 )
	echo "$myhistory" "$mybookmarks"

exit 0

After adding it to modi and combi:

rofi.modi: combi,run,browse:~./config/vimb/,window,drun,ssh,remote:~/.config/rofi/
rofi.combi-modi: window,run,ssh,remote,browse

not only can you now directly search your entire browsing history and bookmarks, you can also select the browse modi and enter a URL or query to launch the browser immediately.

With qutebrowser, it was slightly harder to get the browsing history, but its still possible by querying its sqlite database sqlite3 ~/.local/share/qutebrowser/history.sqlite .dump – everything is pretty much the same from there.


from one

  • Parses the whole post / article (text), acting as a proxy, providing a preview (some posts might not load because bot handles all the requests over Tor).

  • Converts YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram links to respective privacy focused front-ends.

  • Converts (several) clearnet site links to respective onion links (includes news media / publication / online services sites).

  • Rates linked services privacy / ToS friendliness (Grade A to F, according

The bot will place custom m.reaction (DM preview / DM alternative) on link containing message which will trigger (if clicked) the bot to send converted alternative links and requested articles (will include media elements soon) in a separate room. This achieves utmost efficiency and opens up potentials for more new features.

Available onion sites:

➤ Freedom of the Press Foundation, ➤ The New York Times, ➤ The BBC, ➤ ProPublica, ➤ Intercept, ➤, ➤ Facebook, ➤ PrivacyToolsIO, ➤ ProtonMail.

MXID of the bot:

Support room: Join


from midek

Software in the same categories are sorted by how often i use it or how much i like it.


Bookmark Manager

Web Browser






Matrix Client




Personal Information Management





  • Nextcloud


Universal stuff


  • zfs


Terminal Emulator

  • urxvt
  • alacritty
  • st
  • konsole


  • Zsh
  • Bash

File Manager

Password Manager

Application Launcher

Window Manager

  • awesome
  • dwm

Text Editor

  • vim

Music Playback


  • mpd


Video Playback



PDF Reader



Deployment Atomisation

  • Ansible

Video Hosting

Media Manager



  • Postfix+Dovecot+Spamassassin+postgrey